Sleeves for Pinch Valves - OV Series

The OV series pinch valve sleeve is available in the nominal diameters of DN15 to DN250.

The OV series pinch valve sleeve is manufactured in an industrial injection mould process. A repeated opening of the OV series sleeve is guaranteed by vulcanized opening tabs, which establishe a direct connection with the pinch valve mechanism, thereby ensuring forced opening.

Sleeve qualities

In addition to the standard and all-round elastomer quality of natural rubber, which can be used as a sleeve material for practically all non-aggressive media up to 80°C, EPDM and neoprene types are also available.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and make use of individual consultation with our pinch valve experts.

Pinch valve sleeve in NR, DN80, article OM080.03
Sleeve / rubber hose OM for AKO pinch valves OV series, natural rubber