Pinch valve – repair, maintenance & spare parts

Pinch valves are very maintenance-friendly valve types, resistant to abrasion and corrosion. With non-problematic media, maintenance of the pinch valve or even the exchange of a component is therefore necessary only after a very long period of use (usually after several years).
In the process, whether air operated pinch valves or mechanical pinch valves are used is completely irrelevant.

Due to the abovementioned robust properties, pinch valves are being used more and more for very problematic, wear-intensive and hard-to-regulate pumped media (such as bulk materials, abrasive suspensions or liquids contaminated with particles). This continuous load with pumped media that causes wear can reduce the service life of the rubber sleeve in contact with this media in the pinch valve.

If individual components on a pinch valve need to be replaced and you require spare parts (e.g. a replacement sleeve) for your pinch valve, you have the following possibilities for replacing the relevant component with a spare part:
You can carry out your own maintenance and repair at your company or have our pinch valve specialist repair your component at our company location.

In addition to the 10,000 pinch valve variants available from AKO, AKO also maintains and repairs the pinch valves of other manufacturers.

AKO pinch valve repair and maintenance service

Repair and maintenance performed on site by the customer

Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen are designed in such a way that they can be maintained and repaired in an uncomplicated manner without a lot of time and material expense.
An AKO pinch valve consists solely of three main components (the housing, the sleeve and the flange and/or sleeve end cover required for clamping the sleeve and connecting it to the pipeline).
Repair or servicing can therefore be performed by the customer itself on site using its own personnel.
No special tools are required. Many pinch valve variants can be removed from the pipeline, maintained and then reintegrated into the pipe system within just a few minutes. Long downtimes of the affected system can therefore generally be ruled out.

Each pinch valve component can be ordered from AKO as a spare part. A complete exchange of the entire valve when only one component is defective is therefore not necessary.

Request spare parts from AKO

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Our service for you:

Online shop with spare parts finder:
Use our spare parts finder to find the required components for your pinch valve and purchase them directly online.

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Video instructions:
We provide our own video instructions for all pinch valve types:

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for servicing and repair

Step-by-step instructions:
In addition to our video instructions, we also offer you illustrated step-by-step instructions:

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servicing and repair

Servicing and repair by AKO

An independent, on-site maintenance and repair of your pinch valve is not possible?
You would like to have the repair performed by experienced pinch valve experts?
No problem – AKO Armaturen offers extensive repair and maintenance services for every kind of pinch valve.

Your benefits from the AKO maintenance and repair service

  • After we receive your pinch valve, it is assessed by pinch valve specialists.
  • You then receive an offer with a detailed list of the exchange components, expected work time, cleaning expenses and disposal.
  • If we are commissioned with the repair, we require a safety data sheet from you, which provides information on the previous use and any safety measures we need to take.
  • AKO properly disposes of the exchanged components.
  • If additional defects are discovered, they can also be repaired – after consultation with you.
  • Upon request, accessory components can also be installed within the scope of maintenance.
  • If desired, the pinch valve can be converted for another use within the scope of servicing.
  • After a brief time, you will receive a renovated pinch valve.

Trust in the expertise of the AKO pinch valve specialists!

✔ More than 30 years of experience
✔ Fast and thorough repair
✔ Clear and fair costs
✔ All nominal sizes and material qualities
✔ Mechanical pinch valves
✔ Manual pinch valves
✔ Pneumatic pinch valves

Medium protection measures
Ideally, please complete and return the following form with your repair request.
This will help us to estimate the work involved and to prepare the repair quotation.

Medium Protection
Measures Form

Maintenance and repair of third-party products

Due to decades of experience and specialisation in the area of pinch valves, AKO Armaturen is able to maintain and repair third-party pinch valves.
In the process, the fitters proceed with the same care and routine as they do with AKO's own pinch valves.
Limitation: In the case of third-party products, only the rubber sleeve and possible the screws can be exchanged.

Your advantages:

  • The same procedure and consistent quality standard as for AKO valves.
  • In case of irreparable damage, we offer you a comparable, more high-quality AKO pinch valve upon request.
  • If the repair costs exceed the cost of a new AKO punch valve, we will suggest the purchase a replacement valve as an option.
  • If desired, we will dispose of the old valve or return it to you together with your new AKO pinch valve.

You can send a non-binding inquiry to AKO.

After a positive check of the general ability to carry out your needed repair, you will receive a non-binding offer.

Send an inquiry regarding
the repair of a third-party
product to AKO Armaturen

Medium protection measures
Ideally, please complete and return the following form with your repair request.
This will help us to estimate the work involved and to prepare the repair quotation.

Medium Protection
Measures Form


Making a non-binding repair or maintenance inquiry

You can always send us a non-binding inquiry regarding the repair or maintenance of a pinch valve you use.
Our support team is happy to send you a quotation/cost estimate.
Even if you have questions regarding your own maintenance, we are happy to help you.

Please describe your concern with as much detail as possible (including the specification of the article number) and provide any pictures with your inquiry so that our team can help you in a targeted manner.

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