Why AKO pinch valves?

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Pinch valves used as control valves in the cleaning process

A manufacturer relies on pinch valves from the VMP series for the production of quick-release fasteners. These valves control and shut off cleaning & degreasing solutions that are used for cleaning the production plant.

The manufacturer who specialises in fasteners has relied on pinch valves from AKO Armaturen for more than 10 years to control the cleaning & degreasing solutions within the production process.

"We have received very high quality at a sensible price"

The DN 25 POM pinch valves fitted with a sleeve made out of natural rubber are used to control the transport of a diluted sodium hydroxide solution (25 %) and a degreasing solution that are supplied by quick valves within the production process. “We are very happy with the valves from AKO Armaturen”, is how the engineer in charge expressed his overall satisfaction with the products from AKO Armaturen.

The installed pinch valves have since become an integral part of the machine and have helped to further improve the effectiveness of the entire process. This is due not least to the fact that wear to the internal rubber sleeve now does not require the replacement of the entire valve but only the affected rubber sleeve. The other valve components can be installed again with the new sleeve.

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Replacement of the valve components (housing, sleeve or connections) can also be completed quickly and easily by the company's own personnel. No special know-how or tools are required. System downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum.

AKO pinch valves in the cleaning & degreasing of quick-release fasteners
Pinch valves in the cleaning & degreasing of quick-release fasteners
VMP025.03XK.72 pinch valves are used in the cleaning of quick-release fasteners


  • The manufacturer had initiated a complete optimisation of the plant.
  • It was searching for high-quality and cost-effective valves.
  • Fewer downtimes due to maintenance.

Goals achieved:

  • According to the responsible engineer, the use of the pinch valves has paid for itself in full.
  • Due to the anti-abrasive sleeves installed in the valves, maintenance-related downtimes have been reduced to a minimum.
  • If maintenance work is required, it can be carried out quickly and independently by the company's own personnel.

Sodium hydroxide solution
Degreasing solution

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening and closing cycles:
24 per day
(24-hour operation)

Normal position:

Experience with pinch valves:
More than 10 years

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 25
Series: VMP
Housing: POM injection moulded (black)
Connections: Internal thread, POM injection moulded (black)
Sleeve: Natural rubber (abrasion-resistant)

Valve designation:

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