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Pinch valves control the aluminium spheres for the production of aircraft wings

A manufacturer of aluminium and steel components, including e.g. wings for aircraft, has used pinch valves from the VM series from AKO Armaturen for more than 10 years. The pinch valves are used to control the transport of aluminium spheres for the production of the components.

The weight of each individual component is particularly important in aircraft construction because a greater unladen weight ultimately leads to higher kerosene consumption. Therefore, most parts required for aircraft construction are made out of aluminium because this substance has a low inherent weight but nevertheless provides the required stability.

Do you produce aircraft components?
AKO also has reliable and durable pinch valves available for your application!


The company that specialises in the production of aircraft parts made out of aluminium uses DN 20 pinch valves from the VM series from the manufacturer AKO Armaturen for transporting the base material. These valves deliver the required reliability, opening & closing speeds and also close securely. The installed sleeves have a long service life – even when used with highly abrasive media – thanks to the use of an anti-abrasive elastomer.

„We have only had a small problem with one single sleeve in over 10 years...“

In order to comply with safety requirements, the entire plant is regularly maintained every six months. This includes inspecting the installed pinch valves and especially the installed sleeves. “We have only had a small problem with one single sleeve in over 10 years and it was immediately replaced and reinstalled into the plant with the pinch valve”, said the on-site engineer. However, the inspected sleeves made out of natural rubber can usually be reinstalled into the valve and integrated into the plant without any complaints.

Pinch valves from AKO used as control valves for the transport of aluminium spheres
AKO pinch valves control the transport of aluminium spheres for the production of aircraft components
VM020.03X.70.30LA & VM020.03X.70.80 pinch valves control aluminium spheres in the production of aircraft components

Discontinued model!
Replacement series:
VMC series (configurator)
VMP series (configurator)


  • The valve must be resistant to the medium being transported (aluminium spheres).
  • It must close reliably.
  • It must enable fast opening & closing times.

Goals achieved:

  • The installed pinch valves were fitted with a sleeve made out of abrasion-resistant natural rubber that offers a long service life with the medium being transported.
  • Due to the design of the pinch valves from AKO, the lip-shaped closing pattern of the sleeve always ensures that the valve is tightly sealed.
  • The installed pinch valves completely close and open at a differential pressure of approximately 2 bar in less than a second.

Aluminium oxide spheres

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening and closing cycles:
Approx. 70 per day
(16 hour operation)

Operating pressure:
Up to 1.0 bar

Control pressure:
Up to 3.0 bar

Normal position:

Experience with pinch valves:
More than 10 years

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN20
Series: VM
Housing: POM
Connections: Internal thread, aluminium / PVC
Sleeve: Natural rubber

Valve designation:

Replacement valve:
VMP020.03XK.71 (white)
VMP020.03XK.72 (black)

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