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Building materials industry & bulk goods

Companies working in the building materials industry process various different construction materials such as wood, stone, concrete or steel. The building materials industry consists of companies that produce, prepare, process and trade building materials. Robust and reliable valves and knife gate valves are indispensable in a sector that requires the transport of highly abrasive and difficult to control bulk goods and building materials.

Pinch valves are suitable for a broad range of applications in the building materials industry

The goods and products produced and sold by the building materials industry are important commodities around the world. The buildings materials industry comprises a broad spectrum of tasks and products from the production and mining of raw materials such as sand, stone, ores and iron in underground or open-cast mines, the further processing of these materials to produce gravel, crushed stone, concrete and steel through to the filling and trading of a wide variety of different raw and end products.

Irrespective of the actual processing stage for these building materials and bulk goods, it is necessary to control, dose or shut off their transport. The installed valve (or knife gate valve for bulk goods) must be resistant to deformation and wear in order to guarantee the longest possible service life and thus minimise interventions in the system for maintenance purposes.

Pinch valves are suitable for various different applications in the building materials industry

Due to their robust design and reliable performance, pinch valves are a popular choice especially in the building materials sector and offer many advantages over standard valve solutions.

The design of the pinch valve avoids dead space almost completely which, for example, prevents the transported goods from accumulating or being deposited – which could negatively impact the function of the valve. A long service life and reliable function are thus guaranteed. The heart of every pinch valve is its internal sleeve. In valves used for transporting building materials, the sleeve is usually made out of a compound with very abrasion-resistant qualities and is thus resistant to wear. This is a very important property for the installed valve especially for roughly edged stone goods or abrasive fine-grained substances.

The rubber sleeve also makes a significant contribution to the clog-free nature of the pinch valves. The structural changes that occur on the surface of the sleeve during the opening and closing process ensure any deposits and encrustations are released and removed with the media.

In short, pinch valves from AKO Armaturen can be used in the building materials industry wherever it is necessary to control the transport of building materials.

As an alternative to the pinch valves described above, special knife gate valves from AKO Armaturen can also be used in bulk goods technology. These unidirectional knife gate valves are suitable for media in powder or granulate form.

Pinch valves from AKO control cement slurry and glass-fibre reinforced concrete

CASE STUDY: Pinch valves used as control valves for glass-fibre reinforced concrete & cement slurry

AKO pinch valves from the VMC series control glass-fibre reinforced concrete & cement slurry at a manufacturer for outdoor furniture

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Pinch valves dose additives for ready-mixed concrete

CASE STUDY: Pinch valves dose additives in the production of cement

AKO pinch valves from the VMP series are used to correctly dose additives for a cement manufacturer.

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Pinch valves from AKO control the individual components in the production of polymer concrete

CASE STUDY:Pinch valves control components for the production of polymer concrete

Pinch valves from the VF series reliably control the transport of individual components for the production of polymer concrete for gutters in drainage systems.

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Pinch valves control the taking of water samples in washing & sorting plants

CASE STUDY: Pinch valves in washing & sorting plants (taking samples)

Pinch valves from the VM series control the taking of samples in a washing & sorting plant for bulk goods.

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