Electrically conductive Pinch Valve sleeves VX, VFX, VAX, VMX, VMCX, VMFX, VMPX Series

The V X/ VFX / VAX / VMX / VMCX / VMFX and VMPX series of conductive pinch valve sleeves is available in nominal diameters DN10 to DN250.

Sleeve qualities, electrically conductive:

In addition to the conductive standard and all-round elastomer quality of abrasion resistant, natural rubber, which can be used as a pinch valve sleeve material for practically all bulk materials up to 80 °C, we also offer a conductive nitrile (NBR) variant for fat- and oil-containing media and a conductive EPDM variant for application temperatures up to 120 ℃.

The conductive EPDM and nitrile elastomer types are supplied in food-safe quality.

Electrically conductive pinch valve sleeve

The conductive pinch valve sleeves are made of high-quality elastomers with highly elastic fabric inlays. To comply with the required resistance of < 10^6 Ohm, high-quality soot particles are added to the elastomer mixture. The volume resistance of every conductive pinch valve sleeve is measured at several points using a calibrated measuring device. Due to the very flexible production process, pinch valve sleeves can also be produced to the proven AKO level of quality for variable dimensions in terms of different lengths, wall thicknesses and internal diameters.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and make use of individual consultation with our pinch valve experts.

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