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Environmental & process technology

Environmental technology deals with processes to protect the environment or to regenerate damaged ecosystems. It covers a broad spectrum of tasks from the disposal of materials, preventative measures and reconditioning in process technology through to the utilisation of renewable energies. The valves installed in these areas control the transport of all the corresponding media such as gases, water, suspensions or dry solids.

AKO pinch valves control a wide variety of media in environmental & process technology

Another important area of environmental technology is the development of measures to save energy, preserve resources and avoid or reduce emissions and waste.
The aim of environmental technology is to develop new technologies and optimise existing ones so that our environment and ecosystems suffer as little damage as possible.

Process technology plays an important role in the area of environmental technology. It is used in the treatment of waste water, the neutralisation of flue gases, recycling and for various different disposal technologies.
In all of the areas mentioned above, it is necessary to be able to control or shut off the diverse range of substances reliably and precisely – whether gases, dry or wet goods or liquids – with the aid of valves.

Pinch valves master various different tasks in environmental & process technology

Pinch valves are the ideal control or shut-off valves for many procedures in process technology. Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen can be individually adapted to the requirements of the plant, transport medium and environment thanks to their modular design.

Alongside a broad selection of nominal sizes and all standard connection options, the housings and connections can also be made out of various different materials (e.g. POM, PVC, stainless steel, aluminium). The heart of a pinch valve – the internal sleeve – is also available in numerous compounds each with different properties (e.g. EPDM, Viton, natural rubber, neoprene, butyl, etc.) and can thus be adapted to a diverse range of requirements.

Various optional accessories (e.g. vacuum units, safety arrangement (protection circuit), overflow units, solenoid valves, quick exhaust valves, pressure regulators, etc.) can also be used to expand the range of applications for the pinch valves.

AKO pinch valves in water treatment
Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen in water pollution control
AKO pinch valves in process technology
AKO pinch valves control the excavation of sediment from harbours & coastal areas

CASE STUDY:Pinch valves control the extraction of sedimentary deposits in harbours & coastal areas

Pinch valves can be used for the extraction of sediment as an alternative to conventional floating dredgers.

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