Sleeves for Pinch Valves

The crucial part of every Pinch Valve is the sleeve.

The better the quality of it, the longer the service times of the Pinch Valve. If the sleeves are in service for a long time, this helps to maintain extremely low maintenance costs for every system. A simple change of the sleeves can be carried out by the customer on site with the aid of the detailed maintenance/repair instructions and videos, which is crucial to keeping very short production downtimes.

They are manufactured in various forms and according to the body's design or construction the sleeve's lifetime.

Manufacturing process of Sleeve for Pinch Valve

The sleeve / bladder is produced using various manufacturing procedures. Different manual winding procedures, conventional injection processes or manual packaging in moulds are all manufacturing procedures employed for Pinch Valve sleeves. The structure of each sleeve decides the cycle frequency involved, as well as the closing and opening characteristics.

They come in different elastomer qualities. Therefore, various lasting properties, areas of application and operating temperatures are possible. The quality of the elastomer is crucial to the life time and anti-abrasion characteristics of the Pinch valve sleeve.

The differential pressures of the air operated Pinch Valve sleeves can be affected by the different Shore hardness levels of elastomers. Optimally designed sleeve controls for air operated Pinch Valves contribute to their long lifetime. The setting of the optimal differential/control pressure, which is needed for actuating the sleeve, is also of enormous importance to the sleeve's lifetime.

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