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Pinch valves control media in the production of metal detectors

A company that specialises in the production of metal detectors for use in the food & pharmaceutical sectors uses pinch valves from the VM series (predecessor to the VMC series / VMP series). The installed pinch valves are used to control three of the media that are used to produce the detectors and clean the plant.

Metal detectors are a commonly installed component in the production and processing of food and pharmaceutical products. These detectors already check whether the media contain any metal impurities during the processing of the materials and immediately trigger an alarm if any metal is detected. The operator can then quickly respond and remove the impurity or investigate the reasons for the existence of the foreign body in more detail.

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The installed pinch valves control three of the media used in the plant: a two-component epoxy resin, sand mixed with additives that is required for producing the moulds and a solvent (methylene chloride) used to clean the pipelines after every casting process.

VM pinch valves fitted with sleeves made out of Viton were fitted by suppliers in the factory. After it was necessary to already replace them after 6 months, AKO recommended the use of sleeves made out of natural rubber because these had longer service lives with the media being transported. The natural rubber sleeves have now been in operation for several months and the plant operator is very pleased with the service life and the solution.

Pinch valves from AKO control the transport of media for the production of metal detectors
AKO pinch valves used as control valves for the production of metal detectors for the pharmaceutical & food sectors
VM020.03X.50.30LA pinch valve used as a control valve in the production of metal detectors

Discontinued model!
Replacement series:
VMC series (configurator)
VMP series (configurator)


  • The valves must be suitable for three different transport media.

Goals achieved:

  • The pinch valves were installed with sleeves made out of Viton by the plant constructor. Although Viton is also suitable for the media being transported, it was later necessary to replace them with sleeves made out of natural rubber after consultation with AKO. It was possible to improve the service life of the installed sleeves even further as a result.

Two-component epoxy resin
Sand with additives
Methylene chloride (dichloromethane)

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening and closing cycles:
Approx. 25 per day

Operating pressure:
Up to 2.0 bar

Control pressure:
Up to 4.0 bar

Normal position:

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 20
Series: VM
Housing: Aluminium
Connections: Internal thread, stainless steel
Sleeve: Natural rubber (previously Viton)

Valve designation:


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