Why AKO pinch valves?

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Mechanical pinch valves ensure the precise filling of big bags

A manufacturer of big bag filling systems fits DN 150 mechanical pinch valves from the OV series in the factory. Each mechanical pinch valve doses the medium used to fill the big bags.

The big bag filling systems are fitted with a funnel-shaped collection chamber with a negative pressure of 500 mbar. The medium used to fill the big bags is sucked out of the pipeline due to the vacuum and collects in the container, where the installed mechanical pinch valve is opened via a manually operated handwheel to start the filling process for the big bags attached below.

The manufacturer normally installs knife gate valves in its filling systems but these can cause problems when transporting abrasive media such as bulk goods, etc. because the slide plates often wear quickly or the seat for the knife gate housing becomes clogged with the medium and it is no longer possible to completely close the slide plate. Therefore, the company has installed pinch valves from the manufacturer AKO Armaturen for use with highly abrasive media for more than 25 years because they also guarantee a longer service life with very difficult to handle substances.

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As the valves installed in this area are responsible for two of the main tasks within the complete system – namely dosing and shutting off the medium used for filling – flawless and reliable operation is absolutely vital. Another advantage of the pinch valves from AKO Armaturen in comparison to other types of valves: The mechanical pinch valve only has a few components – the housing, sleeve and mechanism. Mechanical pinch valves from AKO Armaturen do not have sophisticated valve designs as found in other types of valves (e.g. ball valves, knife gate valves, flaps, etc.). Using a mechanical pinch valve not only reduces maintenance costs but also the time required to carry out the maintenance work.

Mechanical pinch valve controls the filling of big bags
Pinch valves with a handwheel for the filling of big bags
Mechanical pinch valve with manual control in a filling plant
Filling of big bags with a mechanical pinch valve
OV150.03.30M mechanical pinch valve for filling big bags


  • Must be suitable for use with highly abrasive goods.
  • Easy maintenance and minimal downtimes.

Goals achieved:

  • The mechanical pinch valve was fitted with an abrasion-resistant sleeve made out of natural rubber. This guarantees a long service life even with abrasive media.
  • Easy maintenance and minimal downtimes.

Cement, granulate, bulk goods or light substances such as lint, fluff or powder

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Operating pressure:
500 mbar

Experience with mechanical pinch valves:
More than 25 years

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 150
Series: OV
Housing: Aluminium
Connections: Flange
Drive: Handwheel
Sleeve: Natural rubbe

Valve designation:

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