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Pinch valves control the filling of sacks and bins

DN 65 pinch valves from the VF series with an abrasion and deformation-resistant sleeve made out of natural rubber are used in a plant for filling sacks with powder, sand and cement and bins with highly viscous substances such as resin. They are used to control the supply of media to the sacks and are fitted with safety arrangements (protection circuits) and electro-pneumatic proportional pressure control valves.

The manufacturer’s filling machines are capable of filling sacks and bins with a total weight of 1 kg (2,2 lb) to 25 kg (55,1 lb) and are equipped with pinch valves from AKO Armaturen in the factory.

The medium is supplied to a container at the top of the filling machine for the sacks. Compressed air is then supplied to this chamber to produce excess pressure. The pinch valve that has been closed up to this point then opens and the sacks or bins are filled with the various different media.
This filling method is the industry standard for the filling of sacks and bins. According to the manufacturer, the pinch valves from AKO are more reliable than the other flaps, knife gate valves or ball valves installed at the plant and thus increase the productivity of the entire plant. The installed pinch valves are also fitted with a safety arrangement (protection circuit) to prevent the opening of the closed pinch valve in the event of a loss of the compressed air supply.
An electro-pneumatic proportional pressure control valve enables the user not only to completely close or open the pinch valves but also to move them to various intermediate settings and thus roughly control the flow rates. This is advantageous especially in the case of precise filling specifications.

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At 7,200 opening and closing cycles per day, the sleeves must be replaced once or twice per year. Following advice from AKO, the control pressure that was previously used has now been halved because this is still sufficient for the task. Based on decades of experience, it is expected that the service lives of the sleeves will double as a result.

Detail: Pinch valves in filling plants and for dosing technology
Front view: Pinch valves in filling plants and for dosing technology
Side view: Pinch valves in filling plants and for dosing technology
VF065.03X.31.30LA pinch valve in a filling & dosing plant


  • The valve must be able to dose the filling volume.
  • It must remain closed in the event of a loss of the compressed air supply.
  • Increased productivity.

Goals achieved:

  • Rough dosing of the conveyed material is possible using a proportional pressure control valve.
  • The valve also remains closed in the event of a loss of the compressed air supply thanks to the installed safety arrangements (protection circuits).
  • Following completion of the test phase, the plant operator confirmed that productivity had increased thanks to the installed pinch valves.

Cement, powder & sand

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening & closing cycles per day:
2,400 - 7,200

Control pressure:
6 bar

Additional option:
Safety arrangement (protection circuit)
Proportional pressure regulator valve

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 65
Series: VF
Housing: Aluminium
Connections: Flange, aluminium with steel bushing
Sleeve: Natural rubber

Valve designation:

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