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Chemical industry

The chemical industry is an important industrial sector worldwide that deals with the production of chemical products. Chemicals are necessary or even indispensable for the production of products in numerous different sectors. The range of products manufactured by companies in the chemical industry are as diverse and varied as the sectors in which they are used.
Individually configured, reliable valves that can handle a wide variety of different tasks for dosing and controlling the transport of chemical products thus form an important part of the production process.

AKO pinch valves are used for various processes in the chemical industry

The plastics industry, automobile sector, mechanical engineering sector, agriculture and even the food processing & food production sector are some examples of customers for chemical substances. In the production and manufacturing processes for all of these – and many other – sectors, chemicals are required to achieve the desired result for the products being developed.
This includes, for example, the optimisation and attainment of material properties for certain products, improving the operation and function of machines and plants and for the preservation and protection of foods.

Chemical substances can make materials more durable or pliable, smoother or firmer, more colourful and more resistant or susceptible – depending on the specific requirements of the customer. They can create unusual flavours, change consistency or make things more durable and resistant.

In short: The possibilities offered by the basic, intermediate and finished products manufactured by the chemical industry are almost limitless.
Yet they have one thing in common – the transport of these different products must be dosed or shut off at many points and in a wide variety of work processes and done so safely. This task is carried out by various types of valves that are always adapted to their particular application.

In comparison to production processes in other sectors, companies in the chemical industry mostly have a high degree of automation – meaning that properly functioning, reliable and economic valves are an important factor for the chemical industry.

Pinch valves are successfully used in the chemical industry

Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen have now been used in a wide variety of branches and applications in the chemical industry for decades. Pinch valves dose and control, amongst other things, liquids, greases, minerals, pigments, fibres, emulsions, dusts and granulates in chemical companies.

Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen are available in many different configurations depending on the application and ambient conditions. The heart of the valve is primarily the internal rubber sleeve that comes into contact with the product. It is available in various different compositions depending on the medium being controlled. The selection of the right sleeve is essential for the smooth functioning of the valve and also influences its service life to a large extent.

Pinch valves from AKO Armaturen can also be installed in sensitive areas because special aseptic, hygienic and sterile versions are also available (also in EHEDG-certified versions). Ex-compliant valve configurations are also available for use in potentially explosive environments.

AKO pinch valves used as shut-off valves in the chemical industry
AKO pinch valves in use in the chemical industry
AKO pinch valve in use in the chemical industry

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