Product highlights for OV series:

  • Completely free flow of product → no pressure loss + no clogging!
  • Optimum price / performance!
  • Maximum safety → no moving components!
  • Closes on both sides → maximum hose sleeve service life!
  • Ideal for regulating and dosing!
  • Safety setting -Fail close!

Control and manual Pinch Valves - OV Series

The OV series valves are available in nominal diameters DN15 to DN250.
They are designed with a flange connection complying with DIN EN 1092 PN10 as standard.

Mechanical Pinch Valve series OV, type MMechanical Pinch Valve series OV, type PMechanical Pinch Valve series OV, type PA2Mechanical Pinch Valve series OV, type P2

The structure encompasses the sleeve, body and actuator/s. The pinch valve sleeve is directly connected to the closing mechanism as standard and is thus actuated automatically.
Only the sleeve is in the product flow (contact with the operating medium) of the manual and control pinch valves of the OV series.

Materials of manual and conrol Pinch Valves OV series

A selection of different elastomer grades for the sleeve (e.g. rubber, neoprene, nitrile and EPDM) ensures that the valves have a very wide and practically unrestricted field of application.

Pinch Valve actuators

A manual handwheel model of type M (DN15-DN250) or alternatively a single-acting, spring return pneumatic cylinder model of type PA/PA2 (DIN15-200) are available as actuators.The spring return pneumatic cylinder model of type PA is designed with one pneumatic cylinder (DN15-DN50), the type PA1 model with two pneumatic cylinders (DON65-DN200).

A double-acting pneumatic cylinder model of type P/P2 (DN15-DN250) is also available.The double-acting pneumatic cylinder model of type P (DN15-DN50) is provided with one pneumatic cylinder, the type P2 model with two pneumatic cylinders (DN65-DN250). 

Body + cylinder: Aluminium

Maximal operating pressures Pinch Valves OV series

Type M:
DN015-DN100:  5 bar
DN125-DN200:  3 bar
DN250            :  2 bar

Type PA/PA2:
DN15-DN032: 5 bar
DN40-DN150: 3 bar
DN200 : 2 bar

Type P/P2:
DN15-DN150: 5 bar
DN200 : 4 bar
DN250 : 2 bar

Industrial sectors, possible applications:

  • Farming
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Wood industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Metal industry
  • Mining industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Waste industry
  • Chemistry

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