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Filling industry & dosing technology

Many manufactured products, especially in the areas of raw materials, semi-finished products, preliminary products and intermediate products, need to be transported for final processing, controlled by valves and deposited in various different containers. Global trade and the international market for raw materials is dependent on reliable packaging and transport solutions for the filling industry.

AKO Armaturen supplies pinch valves for various different filling and dosing plants

Another important area of dosing technology is the filling of ready-to-sell product units for the retail trade – directly for end consumers. These can range from small cans and bottles filled with tablets or powder weighing just a few grams through to heavy containers or sacks filled with cement weighing many kilogrammes.

One of the main tasks of the filling industry and of dosing technology is to be able to control the products being filled in the containers reliably and precisely – which is essential with regards to the filling quantity ordinance. Dosing technology is always employed at the end of a sometimes long storage & transport system that is supported to a significant extent by many valves. Starting in silos, warehouses or collection containers, the goods are usually transported using pipelines or conveyor belts via the individual processing areas to the filling plants. The transported materials are then filled into their final packaging using a wide variety of dosing systems.

Pinch valves ensure precise and reliable dosing and filling

If the filling and dosing systems include pipelines then the use of pinch valves is also possible. The possible fields of application for pinch valves from AKO in the form of control valves begin with the filling or emptying of the storage silo. In addition, the valves ensure the reliable and precise regulation of the flow of materials within the pipeline system. At the end of the transport and filling process, the valves then handle the task of filling the various different packagings and containers.

As the various products and raw materials are extremely diverse in nature, the pinch valves from AKO Armaturen can be individually configured thanks to the modular system. AKO is thus able to precisely configure the pinch valves to the requirements of the medium being transported. Various housing materials (e.g. aluminium, stainless steel or plastic) and numerous connection options (e.g. flange, internal thread, tanker flange, tri-clamps, threaded spigots and many more) are available. AKO also uses various compounds with different qualities for the heart of a pinch valve – the rubber sleeve inside the valve. Natural rubber, NBR, FKM/FPM, IR and EPDM are just some of the available options.
The pinch valve sleeve from AKO is the result of decades of research and development and guarantees consistently reliable operation over a long service life.

Due to the various configuration options, pinch valves from AKO can also be used for difficult media with abrasive properties and in sterile and hygienic filling processes.

Pinch valves help with the filling of sacks and bins

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Mechanical pinch valves control the filling of big bags

CASE STUDY: Mechanical pinch valves control the filling of big bags

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