Manual and control Pinch Valve

The complete valve solution for isolating and regulating abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products such as granulates, powder, pellets, dust, slurries and suspensions.

How do manual and control pinch valves work?

The sleeve of the manual and control Pinch Valve is controlled by a mechanism inside the casing and an actuator of your choice. The mechanism comprises one or two pinch bars arranged horizontally above and below the sleeve, and is guided at the side by two rods. Manual and control Pinch Valves can be provided with various actuators.

The actuator causes the pinch bar(s) to pinch the sleeve horizontally (centrally, depending on the nominal size). This provides an effective seal on the flow of product. In addition, a direct connection between the sleeve and the pinch bar(s) ensures an optimum opening of the sleeve to provide the full passage. The maximum operating pressure of the manual and control Pinch Valve is dependent on the type and nominal size, and is between 3 and 40 Bar.

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Manual Pinch Valve
Manual Pinch Valve

Valve Benefits

The most important advantages include the free flow of the product, minimum frictional resistance and low maintenance and operating costs.

A further advantage is the reduction of the parts in contact with the medium, the sleeve being the only component in contact with the product flow. In addition, deformation of the sleeve during the closing process causes any incrustations inside the sleeve to break away. This means that the manual and control Pinch Valve is a practically blockage-free valve solution. Furthermore, even larger solid particles are shut off by the sleeve, which is particularly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, hence shut off without leaks.

Enjoy the benefits of the manual and control pinch valves in your process!

Versions of manual and control Pinch Valves

Actuator variants available include manual actuation by means of a hand wheel or the automatic variant with double or single-acting pneumatic cylinders and electrical actuator drives. A wide variety of materials used in the casing and sleeve qualities open up a very wide field of applications.

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Maintenance of a manual and control Pinch Valve

The replacement of all sleeve types is quick and simple with the assistance of detailed fitting instructions, without the need for special tools. This is reflected in the very low maintenance and operating costs.
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Industrial Sectors Manual and control Pinch Valve

They are used in a variety of pneumatic conveying systems in the silos/cement sector, pigment and granulate handling, the ceramics/glass/plastics industry, water treatment and waste water treatment and in the pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industry. Manual and control Pinch Valves are also very frequently used in the offshore/petroleum/cellulose/and paper industries, mining, metals and the chemical industry.

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