Why AKO pinch valves?

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Pinch valves control the abrasive components of polymer concrete

A manufacturer of polymer concrete gutters for drainage systems uses DN 80 and DN 100 pinch valves from the VF series from AKO Armaturen to control the supply of the individual components used to produce polymer concrete. The plant in which the pinch valves are installed operates around the clock – 24 hours a day.

Drainage gutters made out of polymer concrete are a popular choice in drainage systems for the removal of waste water. It is necessary to transport many – sometimes abrasive – base materials and binding agents for the production of polymer concrete for the drainage systems.

A whole range of pinch valves from the manufacturer AKO Armaturen perform the task of controlling the flow of the components at this company. The valves installed in both horizontal and vertical pipelines complete several opening & closing cycles per hour in 24-hour operation.

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The company has placed its trust in the reliable and safe operation of AKO pinch valves for more than 25 years. Some of the valves are fitted with safety arrangements (protection circuits) that keep the pressurised valve closed in the event of a loss of compressed air or a power cut and thus prevent any undesired further transport of the medium.

As the media being transported through the pipeline system include highly abrasive solids in some cases, the average service life of the sleeves in this sector (with 24-hour operation) is around 4-6 months.
However, the maintenance work required to replace the sleeves is kept to a minimum and can be easily carried out by the company’s own maintenance personnel – without the need for special tools or training. This means that the operator can reduce system downtimes that occur when installing and dismantling plant components. In addition, the modular design of the pinch valves enables individual components to be replaced and installed with the other still functioning elements – it is thus not necessary to completely replace the entire valve.

Pinch valves in the processing of polymer concrete
VF pinch valves control the transport of components for polymer concrete
Pinch valves from the VF series ensure the smooth control and transport of components for polymer concrete
Pinch valves in the production process for polymer concrete gutters
VF080.03X.31.30LA & VF100.03X.31.30LA pinch valves in the processing of components for polymer concrete


  • Resistant to abrasive media & binding agents.
  • A fail-safe solution in the event of a loss of pressure.

Goals achieved:

  • Abrasion-resistant sleeves were installed in the pinch valves that are resistant to the transport media.
  • In order to keep the pinch valves closed in the event of a loss of compressed air or a power cut, safety arrangements (protection circuits) were installed on the valves.

Quartz sand, calcium carbonate, basalt grit, glass, etc.

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening and closing cycles:
Approx. 140 per day
(24-hour operation)

Operating pressure:
4 bar

Control pressure:
6 bar

Experience with pinch valves:
More than 25 years

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 80 & DN 100
Series: VF
Housing: Aluminium
Connections: Flange, aluminium
Sleeve: Natural rubber (abrasion-resistant)

Additional option:
Safety arrangement (protection circuit)
(in some valves)

Valve designation:

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