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Pinch valves control the removal of coating powder

Pinch valves from the VF series from AKO Armaturen in various nominal sizes (DN 40, DN 50, DN 65 & DN 80) are used in a powder coating system for window frames as shut-off valves for the removal and extraction of excess coating powder. AKO Armaturen have replaced pinch valves from other manufacturers.

The company that specialises in the powder coating of window frames uses DN 40, DN 50, DN 65 & DN 80 pinch valves from the VF series (with flange connections) to remove coating powder that has collected in a coating booth during the coating process. The coating powder collects in a container on the floor of the booth. When it reaches a certain level, compressed air is applied to open the pinch valve so that the powder falls into a chamber underneath due to gravity.

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The company then decides whether the coating powder can be prepared for further coating processes or whether to dispose of the powder. Once a decision has been made, pinch valves with a smaller nominal size are used to open adjacent pipelines under vacuum. The coating powder is sucked out of the chamber due to the negative pressure in the pipeline and transported away.

Before installing pinch valves from AKO Armaturen, the paint shop already had experience with the use of pinch valves in powder coating systems. However, the company was not satisfied with the quality of the pinch valves provided by the previous manufacturer because they often caused the system to break down. It turned out that the sleeves installed by the previous manufacturer were the cause of the problem.
Since using AKO pinch valves from the VF series, there have been no more break downs and it is expected that the company will only have to replace the pinch valve sleeves every six years at the most.

AKO pinch valves control the transport of coating powder for window frames
VF040.03X.31.30LA & VF050.03X.31.30LA & VF065.03X.31.30LA & VF080.03X.31.30LA pinch valves control the coating powder


  • A valve suitable for transporting powder.
  • Reliable operation & easy maintenance.

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  • Pinch valves with special abrasion-resistant sleeves are also used for the highly abrasive powders.
  • The operator had had bad experiences with pinch valves supplied by a competitor but it was possible to significantly reduce the downtimes, number of repairs and the total cost of ownership after the installation of AKO pinch valves. In addition, the operator’s own personnel are able to service and maintain the valves themselves on-site.

Various coating powders

Processing temperature:
Ambient temperature

Opening and closing cycles:
Approx. 100 per day

Operating pressure:
Atmospheric pressure or vacuum
(depending on the installation position)

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN40, DN50, DN65 & DN80
Series: VF
Housing: Aluminium (painted)
Connections: Flange, aluminium (painted)
Sleeve: Natural rubber, abrasion-resistant

Valve designation:

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