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Pinch valves used in sand blasting applications

A plastic DN 25 AKO pinch valve from the VMP series fitted with an abrasion-resistant sleeve made out of natural rubber is being successfully used in an arts and crafts studio. The pinch valve installed in a sand blasting system that uses abrasive aluminium oxide grains is responsible for controlling the stream of sand blasting agent.

The arts and crafts studio with attached glass blowing workshop specialises in the decorative sand blasting of glass. The medium used in the sandblasting chamber is aluminium oxide grains. The highly abrasive properties of the grains severely test all of the components in the system on a continuous basis.

The pinch valve fulfils all requirements

The pinch valve from the VMP series that was supplied by AKO Armaturen has been a total success after its one-year service life. “The pinch valve fulfils all requirements”, says the glass artisan.
The studio was initially looking for an alternative solution to the manual control of the stream of sand blasting agent that was used at the time. They came across a pinch valve solution using a foot pedal during their research that enabled the stream of sandblasting agent to be directly controlled at the outlet nozzle using a foot pedal located outside of the chamber rather than by hand. This enables the use of a more manageable nozzle that allows for very precise work.

Do you produce or use sand blasting devices?
Pinch valves are the ideal solution for controlling the blasting agent!


It has not been necessary to dismantle the pinch valve installed in the sandblasting line between the compressed air compressor and the nozzle due to maintenance even after one year of service. Even the sleeve inside the valve – which comes into direct contact with the abrasive aluminium oxide grains – has not yet needed to be replaced. Considering the multiple sessions per day lasting on average 5–20 minutes and opening/closing intervals of around 10 seconds, this demonstrates the particularly abrasion-resistant properties of the elastomer used for the sleeve and the robust design of the entire pinch valve.

There is also no need to fear long downtimes even if the sleeve needs to be replaced as it can be quickly and independently replaced on-site. Special tools are not required. In addition, all of the other components in the valve can be reused because only the worn sleeve needs to be replaced.

AKO pinch valves used as control valves for blasting agents
Pinch valves from AKO control the blasting agent for sand blasting devices
Air operated pinch valves from AKO control the transport of blasting agent to sand blasting devices
VMP025.03XK.72 pinch valve controls the blasting agent in a sand blasting device


  • Robust components resistant to the highly abrasive blasting agent.
  • Optimising the control of the blasting agent to enable more precise work.

Goals achieved:

  • An anti-abrasive sleeve was installed that guarantees a long service life even with highly abrasive transport media.
  • The control mechanism for the stream of blasting agent was moved. It is no longer located directly on the blast gun but is controlled much earlier using a foot pedal and a pinch valve. This allows the sand blasting gun to be controlled more precisely.

Highly abrasive aluminium oxide grains

Grain size:
< 1.0 mm (< 0.04 in)

Opening and closing cycles:
More than 100 per day

Experience with pinch valves:
More than 1 year

Valve configuration:
Nominal size: DN 25
Series: VMP
Housing: PVC (black)
Connections: Internal thread, PVC (black)
Sleeve: Natural rubber, abrasion-resistant

Valve designation:

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