Air operated Pinch Valve

The solution for isolating and regulating/metering abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products such as granulates, powder, pellets, dust and liquids containing solids, etc.

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How do air operated pinch valves work?

Supplying compressed air/fluid (minimum pressure difference 2 bar) into the casing of the air operated Pinch Valve compresses the sleeve, which is specially manufactured with high rebound elasticity. The body's design guarantees that the sleeve can close freely to form a lip shape. This ensures that the product flow is completely sealed off tight and that the sleeve is guaranteed the longest service life at the same time. This closes the air operated Pinch Valve and completely seals off the flow of the product.

The maximum operating pressure is dependent on the nominal diameter and is around 2-6 bar. As soon as the supply of compressed air/fluid is interrupted and the air operated Pinch Valve casing is vented or drained, the specially manufactured sleeve is opened by its rebound elasticity/resilience, enabling the pressure in the medium to flow through the full passage of the air operated Pinch Valves.

What are the benefits of air operated pinch valves?

Free flow of product, minimum frictional resistance, 100% leak free, no blockages and low net weight are among the most important benefits of air operated Pinch Valves.

A flattened and elliptical casing design of all flanged types ensures minimum compressed air consumption. This results in energy savings and ensures a specified, lipped fold pattern to the sleeve of the air operated Pinch Valve. This specific, lipped fold pattern ensures the complete sealing of the product flow. Even large solids are enclosed by the sleeve in the air operated Pinch Valves and are thus tightly sealed.

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Pinch valve connection types:

The different connection options for air operated pinch valves are listed below:

Tri-clamps according to DIN 11864-3, threaded spigots according to DIN 11864-1 or flanges according to DIN 11864-2 (BF) or DIN 11864-2 form A (BF) can be welded on as an option.

Maintenance of air operated pinch valves:

Simple and rapid replacement of the rubber sleeve with the assistance of detailed fitting instructions for the pneumatic pinch valves is reflected in the very low “Total cost of ownership” maintenance costs. AKO provides customers with a free download of a variety of assembly videos in addition to the fitting instructions, which demonstrate the removal / fitting of the pinch valve sleeve in just a few minutes.

Click here to download the Videos or download the Maintenance / Repair Instructions!

Controlling an air operated pinch valve

We recommend fitting a quick exhaust valve directly to the control connection of the pinch valve. By doing this, the pinch valve will open quickly and regardless of the size and distance of the pilot valve. 

Find out more about our pinch valve accessories.

Compensation for vacuum applications, such as the AKOVAC (vacuum unit), should be provided if the pinch valve is used in a suction line with vacuum pressure greater than 0.1 bar. Find out more about pinch valves used under vacuum.

Pinch Valves for Areas at Risk of Explosions (Ex)

AKO air operated pinch valves are manufactured according to the latest developments and in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU and special, conductive models can also be used in areas at risk of explosion (Ex) in zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22.

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