Aseptic and hygienic Pinch Valves

The new aseptic Pinch Valve series VMCE is an impressive model with it's hygienic design. This flexible modular system has excellent cleanability, as well as the advantage of a long lifetime of the Pinch Valve sleeve.

Installed in pipelines, the VMC Pinch Valves have a 100% tight shut-off function of the Pinch Valve sleeve, and can also be used with the aid of an electro-pneumatic proportional valve for coarse control or metering of a metal stream.

Air operated pinch valves of the VMCE series are available in nominal diameters of DN10-DN150.

Connection Options - Aseptic design for hygiene-safe processes

  • Weld-on ends acc. to DIN EN 10357 series A
  • Weld-on ends acc. to ASTM A554
  • Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 11864-3 (BKS)
  • Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 11853-3 (BKS) **
  • Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676 row A *
  • Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676 row C *
  • Flange acc. to DIN 11853-2 (BF) **
  • Flange acc. to DIN 11864-2 form A (BF)
  • Threaded spigot acc. to DIN 11864-1 (GS)
  • Threaded spigot acc. to DIN 11853-1 (GS) **

* Only in combination with a seal (see data sheet)     ** On request

The available connections can also be fitted to pinch valves from the VMC series (without EHEDG certification).

Weld-on ends
Flange Connection
Tri-Clamp Connection
RJT Connection

The new pinch valves are characterized by an 

  • easy-to-clean (CIP),
  • sterilizable (SIP-capable), and
  • bacteria-tight design

in accordance with EHEDG certification type EL Class I and Type EL ASEPTIC Class I.

Furthermore, the VMCE pinch valves are piggable (RIP).

EHEDG certified pinch valves

Industrial Sectors of Aseptic Pinch Valves

The Air operated Pinch valves with aseptic and hygienic piping connections are particularly suitable for the use in food, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries.


The standard Pinch Valves made of stainless steel are available in the following materials and are ex stock.

  • Body: stainless steel 1.4408
  • Flange / socket end: stainless steel 1.4404

Higher-grade stainless steels can be manufactured/offered on request.

Valve finish: Stainless steel: Electropolished matt Satin polished (brushed) Ra 0.3 on request. Wetted parts = Ra 0.5. Aluminium: Powder coated 60-80µm RAL 9006

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